Duvenyou was born in August 2019. His mama passed away shortly after childbirth & Duvenyou was shuffled between homes where he became sick & very malnourished. He is now in the care of his aunt & with the help of the formula program is making a great recovery!


Mikervens was born in November 2019. His mama was sick & spent a length of time in the hospital while Mikervens stayed with an aunt. As a result, she was unable to breastfeed & needs assistance with formula.


Westerwensley was born September 2019. His mama passed away shortly after. He lives high in the mountains with his aunt.


Jazline lives with her aunt & her cousins since the death of her mama. They live in a little village at the bottom of a mountain range.


Love Meline was born in April 2019. Her mama passed away when she was a few months old. With help from Justice Flowing, Love Meline & her 2 sisters are thriving with their daddy in their home in the mountains


Maykerline was born on September 8, 2018. Her mama passed away in childbirth. Her family was searching for an orphanage to put her in when her new mama (no relation) offered to take her in! She has several children of her own- all older, and adores having a new baby in the house.


Lovna was born on December 31, 2018. Her mama passed away in childbirth and she now lives with her aunt, uncle & 6 cousins (5 boys,1 girl) in their stick & clay home. Her aunt is thankful for another girl!


The formula program was created for babies whose mamas have passed away or are medically unable to nurse their babies. The price of formula is unreachable for many Haitians, and babies who can’t nurse often become malnourished and sick being fed whatever their family can find. Often these babies are placed in orphanages as the only hope for them being fed. 
Justice Flowing comes alongside these babies, equipping their families or adoptive families to care for them by providing all their formula and medical care and assisting in whatever other ways necessary. We believe that being raised in a family and in their culture is the best way for these precious children to grow up.

Our formula program sponsorships are split up into 3-month segments. We realize it can be difficult to commit to a monthly sponsorship so we created this opportunity to sponsor a baby for 3 month with a one time gift! $100 covers 3 months of formula and medical care for one precious soul. A child usually stays in our formula/milk program until the age of 3 as nutrition is hard to come by for many of these families. Therefore a child accepted into the program as a newborn will require 12 3-month sponsors. Whether you decide to cover 3 months, 1 year, or the whole 3 years, know that you are making a difference that affects this child and their family's lives now and into the future.

If you are not able to give $100 but still want to give towards the formula progra, you can make that donation and it will go to whichever child needs it the most!

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